Volunteer Opportunity

CLSC René-Cassin (CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest de Montréal): Catherine Booth Hospital Feeding Assistance Dining Experience Program

Volunteer Position Description The goal of this volunteer service is to enhance the nutrition, hydration and emotional well-being of patients by creating a pleasant patient experience while eating a meal that includes feeding assistance and socialization with a volunteer under the supervision of nursing staff. Let's make the experience of eating the most pleasurable, safe, and nutritious possible. By assisting and sitting one on one with a patient, you can help feed, stimulate and motivate a patient to eat their meal in a more pleasurable manner while ensuring that they proper time is given to properly chew and swallow food and drinks safely. A mandatory training is provided to qualify for this activity. Volunteers can also provide a friendly room visit after dining.
On/Off Campus Off-campus (Montreal)
Position Type Volunteer opportunity
Location On-site
Address 4375 Montclair Ave, Montreal, QC, H4B 2J5
Neighborhood/Area Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Contact with Clients? Direct volunteering with clients
Volunteer Tasks – Other (enter below)
Volunteer Tasks (Other) Feeding, socializing
French required? No
Volunteer Position Requirements Languages spoken: we welcome all languages, English and/or French are required Qualities: calm, patient, comfortable to speak with older persons in difficulty and feeding people with eating difficulties, mature, responsible, takes patient safety seriously Training required
Open to students in all degrees and disciplines? Yes
Targeted Degrees and Disciplines Applied Human Sciences, Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology
Time Period Rolling basis
Start Date
End date
Length of Commitment Expected minimum 3 months
Time Commitment Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Weekend
Hours per Week 2
Training provided? Yes
Other Benefits
Benefits (Other)
Application Procedure Email organization contact
Application Contact Information annamaria.malorni.cvd@ssss.gouv.qc.ca
Application Deadline
Application Material Required
Additonal Application Information / Comments Open to all mature students Students will be selected based on their interests in helping older adults, interest in health care, studies in health care programs will be prioritized, vicinity to location.