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Yellow Door

Generations Volunteer


Join the Generations Program! This program seeks to decrease the sense of isolation and loneliness experienced by many inner city older adults, and to help in preventing premature institutionalization.
We aim to help seniors in the downtown Montreal community in four broad service areas;
(1) Friendly Visits: where volunteers meet and chat with seniors in their home;
(2) Accompaniments: offering support getting to and from errands, appointments or other obligations
(3) Friendly errands: running errands on behalf of a member who is homebound
(4) Technological & Internet Help: where volunteers meet with members to assist in navigating todays technology with their computers, tablets, or phones.

Yellow Door

Friendly Errands


Seniors who are not able to leave home for various reason (reduced mobility, injury, sickness, or extreme weather such as heat waves or icy sidewalks) but are in need of items from the grocery store or pharmacy, may request help. The Program Coordinator will arrange for an on-call volunteer to meet the senior member at their door to pick up the list of items needed and cash to pay for them.

When finished shopping volunteers will return to the home of the member to deliver the groceries/medication, receipts, and any change. Volunteers are encouraged to assist with unloading groceries and large items, and often are invited by seniors to stay and chat for a little while before leaving.

The goal of this service is to: (i) alleviate feelings of dread, stress, and/or anxiety that seniors living with reduced mobility may have related to travel outside the home; and (ii) allow seniors to remain in their home by helping to meet basic needs.

Yellow Door

Film Group Facilitator


The Yellow Door Film Group uses movies to facilitate an open discussion, to promote community participation, and to bring awareness about societal issues.The Film Group runs every other Thursday at 3-5:30pm in-person. Each week, the volunteer shoes a film for the group to watch together, and then leads a discussion about the film afterwards.

Volunteer responsibilities include:
Select films for the month
Set up the room and the film, including the projector, closing curtains/lights, putting out snacks, setting up chairs.
Greet participants
Prepare an introductory blurb and discussion questions for each film
Introduce and show the film
Lead a discussion about the film after its done
Complete the attendance form at the end of each session.

Yellow Door

French Literature - In-Person Co-Facilitator Position


Our wellness groups are open to everyone of all ages and the French Literature group is a space for reading/sharing/discussing short stories and poems.

The French Literature Group meets every Thursday at 1:30-2:30pm. Each session, the group discusses a different French text each week, which is chosen and prepared by the volunteer. The volunteer is under the supervision of the Wellness Group coordinator.

The volunteer tasks would include:
Setup and cleanup
Prepare tea and snacks for participants
Lead discussions about different french texts
Select texts and prepare discussion questions for each session
Complete attendance form at the end of each session

Yellow Door



We are in need of additional translator volunteers to help translating text from English to French.

Sometimes deadlines are tight (1 to 2 day turnover) but in most cases we try our best to give lots of time your volunteer translation services.

Yellow Door



As a grass-roots community organization that works with vulnerable populations, drawings / illustrations are an important tool in helping to tell our story.

All types of illustrators are welcome! Some guidelines will be provided in our BrandBook (colours, fonts, etc), but this is a chance for your creativity to shine. (All artists will be given credit when their work is used in print / social media).

Best Buddies

Peer Buddy


A university or college student who is a member of a Best Buddies chapter and paired up with an adult/student with an intellectual disability. Peer Buddies are expected to meet with their Buddy pair every two weeks to go out for coffee, dinner, movies, walks, etc.

Best Buddies

Executive Member


A student who helps lead, organize and maintain the Best Buddies chapter at their university. An Executive Member can have a specific role within the Chapter Leadership Team, for example, Fundraising Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator or Recruitment Coordinator. Executive Members are usually also paired up with an adult/student with an intellectual disability.

CJLO Radio

Volunteering at CJLO 1690AM, Concordia's radio station

CJLO, Concordia's community-based radio station, is looking for volunteers and DJs to join our team! We offer hands-on training in broadcasting, sound production, promotions, sales, broadcast administration, news writing and reporting, marketing, and much more! If you are interested in music and culture and want to host shows/podcasts about music, films, or any other things, here is the chance!! Our volunteers go on to work in commercial radio, the music industry, broadcast journalism, and many other fields. In today's competitive workforce, experience is vital. Volunteering at CJLO is a great place to gain the experience you need to stand out in any industry.

•Host - Charts & Crafts / The GetUp / Music shows / Podcasts
Prepare and host the lunchtime chart show.
Work with the music and program directors for script, playlist, and show clock.

•Music Archiving
Organize Digital/Physical Music Library
Curate playlists
Review music submitted to CJLO in physical form

•Promotions & Outreach
Assist promotion director in the organization of CJLO events
Distribute posters around the Concordia and the great Montreal community
Get involved on Social Media platforms

•Audio Technician
Edit and upload audio recordings at CJLO to our various social media platforms
Write and produce PSAs, advertisements, show promos, etc.
Assist the Production Director with day-to-day tasks

•News department
Commit to a weekly newscast routine
Write a script, record your voice and edit it
Get involved in podcasts/features

•Online Magazine department
Create writing columns
Write a piece on a local festival, film, album, or other relating to music & culture
Express yourself and improve your creative writing

•Events volunteering
Table at local events for CJLO
Help set up and welcome/assist at varied events
Create content for our departments after attending a show

Concordia University Student Parent Network (CUSP)

Cookout Facilitator


Facilitate/animate a monthly cookout in person at the MFSC for student parents community
Come up with a menu that's easy to make, budget friendly, can be made in large quantities for freezing